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Failure can be an option; but only if you let it.  In the world of IT Programmes, the choice is yours.


Our Clients want successful IT Programmes.  IT Programmes are prone to failure; but they don’t have to.  Getting them right is hard, but the effort is worth it. 


We work with Clients to SET-UP Programmes, getting them right first time.  This reduces problems later.  We follow-up with on-going PROGRAMME DIRECTION and specific REVIEWS as needed, and we can provide hands-on PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT if needed.  If a Programme is underway, we can review the likelihood of success using our PPAR, and re-focus the Programme as needed.

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We do this because changing IT Systems, Infrastructures and Services is not easy and often needs professional Programme management and experience to be successful.  Our consultants have been there and done it and use that expertise and experience to save time, money and disaster.


We’ve provided professional consultancy services for 30 years and support large corporations, government and SMEs.  We’ve helped Clients with all types of IT Programmes at all stages in the IT life-cycle.  Tap into that experience.  Talk to us about your plans; act today to prevent failure tomorrow.



We are an IT management consultancy company specialising in IT and Network Programmes, and have been operating for the past 30 years.  We are located in the UK and operate throughout the UK, Europe and the US.  We have experience in all areas of IT management consultancy and in many different business / organisation sectors. 


Our services range from the design of IT Strategies through to the Implementation and on-going support of IT change.  We cover IT Applications, Infrastructure and Services and support our Clients with advice & guidance and hands-on interim management.  We use our unique PPAR tool and process to review / evaluate IT programmes in order to define recovery plans.



We have 30 years experience of serving over 100 Clients across the world.  Our Clients includes SMEs, large corporations and government and cover a wide sector of interests.  Our wealth of experience allows us to work with many organisational cultures and stages of organisation development.  

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