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We provide various information free of charge for personal use only.  Simply Contact us through the form on this site, indicating which of the following documents you would like, and we will forward them.  (In using the documents you agree not to copy, distribute or take action in reliance on them.  Admoneo is not responsible for any consequences of actions taken based on the advice contained in the documents.)  

IT Programme Management
  • Assumption Log.

  • Change Log. 

  • Decision Log. 

  • Dependancy Log. 

  • File Note. 

  • Issue Log. 

  • Meeting Note. 

  • Monthly Programme Report. 

  • Monthly Project Report. 

  • Project Inititation Document. 

  • Product Description. 

  • Programme Day Book. 

  • Risk Log. 

  • Scope Log. 

  • Stage Report. 

  • Weekly Project Report. 

  • Weekly Workstream Report. 

  • Work Package Description.

Problem Solving
IT Programme Reviews
  • PPAR Method, v.1.

  • PPAR Interview Notes.

  • PPAR Programme Classification.

  • PPAR Document Request Sheet and Catalogue.

  • PPAR Interview Schedule.

  • PPAR Interview Planning and Questions.

  • PPAR Programme Investigations Checklist.

  • PPAR Technology Investigations Checklist.

  • PPAR Document Review.

  • PPAR Technology Review.

  • PPAR Investigation Notes.

White papers
  • IT Programme Reviews – compliance with success

... coming soon.


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