IT Programme Reviews 

The perfect IT programme does the right thing, and does it right.  But even the best solution and programme can go off course, and regular reviews are necessary to ensure that the annual global spend of $1,100bn on IT programmes within organisations is worthwhile.  There are many review methods for IT programmes, but most concentrate on one particular area only.  The holistic approach proposed in this Paper focuses on success by avoiding failure, and covers the solution and the programme to deliver it.  The method is action-oriented, culminating in an achievable action plan delivering the greatest impact while recognising the non-binary nature of problems and root-causes.  The Programme Problem Avoidance and Resolution (PPAR) method proposes a method of objectively defining root-causes and selecting the solutions that bring the greatest success.


PPAR Method

Programme SetUp



Setting up an IT programme correctly creates the foundation for success. Many IT programmes fail because they are not set up well in the first place. Setting up an IT programme requires expertise and dedicated effort that is often not available within organisations. We provide a dedicated service to setup IT programmes, using our vast experience and toolsets. We engage with stakeholders throughout the process to ensure that the setup is successful, and that the organisation and its staff have bought-in to the change.The output of a programme set up assignment is typically a programme initiation document, containing all of the standard features as determined by most modern programme management methodologies such as Prince2 and the PMBOK guide.


Programme Direction / Management



In addition to the traditional consultancy services we provide on an advice & guidance basis, we are often asked to support clients by directing and managing programmes throughout their life-cycle. This support can be provided on a full-time or part-time basis depending on the requirements. We work with associates and client staff to optimise the resources available to undertake such programmes, and mentor staff throughout the process. This approach can resolve problems in the earliest timeframes, and prevent the buildup of major problems that could result in significant failure.


Programme Troubleshooting & Review



Many IT programmes are not setup right first time, and often experience difficulty some way between the strategic development of the solution and its implementation. It is vital to regularly review the progress of an IT programme to ensure that it will be successful, and to address problems as early as possible. Objectivity is vital to determine the likelihood of failure of a programme, in order to determine an action plan that is both successful and accepted by the stakeholders involved in the delivery and receipt of the programme. We use our dedicated tool, PPAR, to objectively review the status of IT programmes and this enables us to identify causes and root causes in order that solutions can be designed in the most cost-effective manner.


Management Consultancy



In addition to our core consultancy services covering IT management consultancy we can provide a range of general management consultancy support covering marketing, manufacturing and general management. Our objective, analytical approach enables us to undertake things such as Business Case Analysis in a very effective manner, providing the independent approach necessary for the success of such activities. Through our associate network we can also provide financial consultancy and training support, together with specific activities such as evaluation and selection of systems.


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