IT Programme Setup


Our Programme Setup activity often begins at the formal initiation stage of a programme, but our input can sometimes be beneficial even before that. The output of our setup work defines the purpose of the programme and the way in which it will be delivered. Combined into a Programme Initiation Document (PID), this acts as a blueprint throughout the implementation of the programme.


Setting-up an IT programme successfully is a well established process, and should be a combination of analytical and creative thought based on solid data obtained through:-


  • Workshops (e.g. Strategy, Approach, Scope, Planning, Risk, Budgetary),

  • 1-2-1 Interviews (Telephone and Face-to-face), and

  • Desk research.


Our approach is different because we:


  • Focus on the programme and its outputs, rather than the process,

  • Bridge the gap between IT and the sponsor groups,

  • Challenge the norm and focus on the change.


Many organisations have a model for an IT programme or project, and most include the elements shown in the model here.  In designing and setting-up an IT Programme we ask the obvious questions of What, Why, How, When, Who, Where and develop a range of documents and outputs as shown in the model opposite.  We follow the best of the Governance Models suggested by Prince2 and PMBOK, and apply them to the individual programmes in consideration.


Many organisations fail to accomplish a good set-up for many reasons;  internal politics, inadequate skills and a lack of objectivity are often complicit in poor set-ups.  Admoneo offers a range of services to set-up IT programmes, the cost of which is recovered many times over.


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